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Protect a Name, Logo or Phrase with a U.S. Registered Trademark

Since 1999, has been the trusted source for thousands of customers with their trademark needs online! A registered U.S. trademark protects a mark for specific products in the entire United States. The "mark" can be a name, sign, logo, slogan or a combination of these elements. Similarly, service marks are used to identify services rather than products and are generally treated the same as trademarks. By legally protecting a mark, you can focus on other important things such as growing your business without having to worry whether it will be similarly used by someone else.
Here's what you'll get with a trademark:
Greater protection: trademark owner receives exclusive nationwide ownership of the mark.
Deterrence: stop others from using a similar mark in the same trade channel.
Monetary award: trademark owner can recover monetary damages from an infringer.

Guaranteed Protection
The most important tool any business can have in protecting their cherished mark name or logo is through trademark registration. Your trademark will safely be registered with the United States Trademark Office, and upon receiving your trademark certificate, others are deterred from using a similar mark in the same trade channel. As a result, you can have peace of mind in spending marketing resources in building a brand name without the fear that someone else can steal your brand name or design.

Brand Recognition
A trademark helps consumers distinguish products in the marketplace. The "mark" may be a word, phrase, logo design, or a combination of these elements. It is this distinguishable feature that enables a consumer to identify and differentiate one brand product from another in commerce.

In the trademark world, it's all about brand recognition and value. A good trademark, as any marketer will tell you, creates an instant, indelible, and positive feeling in a potential buyer of your clients' goods or services. Compare, for example, a Rolex® with a Timex®. Does a Rolex® brand watch keep better time than a Timex® brand watch? It is highly unlikely. Why then can Rolex charge several thousand dollars for a stainless steel watch, while Timex can charge no more than maybe $50 for a steel watch of comparable accuracy? It's all in the trademark and the consistent and proper use of it over time.

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