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Overview of Trademark Watching Services

Safeguard a registered trademark with a trademark watching solution. provides an innovative Trademark Watch service to alert you if anyone is using a similar mark. Our Trademark Watch services can monitor a mark at the U.S. Federal, State or International level.

It is important that trademark owners actively monitor their brand mark in order to stop others from using a similar one in commerce. Otherwise, the mark will become diluted and weakened in the eyes of the U.S. Trademark Office and the consumer. Consumers will be adversely affected in their perception to indicate source of a mark, the company behind a product or service.

Trademark law places the responsibility of policing use of a mark to the trademark owner. Safeguarding a trademark with a professional Trademark Watching service is an important part of a brand protection strategy.

Trademark Watch Process
Our trademark watch process is easy and convenient. Select the watch level that best fits your needs U.S. federal, state or International. You will get a trademark monitoring report via e-mail each month.

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