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  Get unbeatable professional service for less money! You might expect a typical lawyer to charge about $500 not including the required USPTO application fee. Thus, you'll be thrilled to discover that for a limited time these amazing online services are affordably priced! Most of our services include searching conflicting mark names and preparing a trademark application to be filed with the U.S. Trademark Office. Register your trademark today!
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+ federal filing fee*
Prepare Application ONLY

Package Includes:
Professionally prepare a U.S. federal trademark application.
Application materials mailed to you same-day for approval.
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$199 $189
+ federal filing fee*
Prepare Application with Preliminary Federal Search

Package Includes:
All Economy package items.
Federal Search:
Search of pending and registered U.S. Federal trademarks
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+ federal filing fee*
Prepare Application with Preliminary Federal and State Search

Package Includes:
All Standard package items.
State Search:
Search of pending and registered trademarks from all 50 States.
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+ federal filing fee*
Prepare Application with Preliminary Federal, State and Common Law Search

Package Includes:
All Enhanced package items.
Common Law Search:
Complete search of active trademarks from common law sources.
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* The required government application filing fee is $225 or $275 per class of goods/services.


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