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Discover Potential Conflicts with Powerful Trademark Search

In a world full of brand names and images, making your mark (i.e. name, logo or phrase) stand out from the rest of the pack is important. However, your mark is only different if it does not create a likelihood of confusion with an existing mark in commerce. Before you begin to promote a product or service under a specific mark, a trademark search is invaluable to help you avoid problems in the future.

Here's what you'll get with a trademark search report:
In-depth analytical search results with clear summary interpretation.
Identify similar trademarks that could conflict with your proposed mark.
Check the likelihood of whether a trademark application will be registered or rejected.

When you do a trademark search you discover whether your mark name or logo is available and clear of potential conflicts. If you intend to file a trademark, a comprehensive search can be used to determine if your proposed mark stands a good chance of being registered or rejected. On the other hand, if you have already started using the mark in commerce the trademark search will alert you of possible infringement with other active marks.

Save Time & Money with a Comprehensive Trademark Search
A good trademark search will save you time and money in the long run. Should your mark happen to infringe upon an owner with prior rights, then you could be stopped from continuing to use the mark. Can you imagine the loss of investing time and resources to build a brand name for years and having someone claim first right to using the same trademark! The owner with prior rights can sue you for infringing his or her trademark and you may have to forfeit your brand name that you have worked so hard to build over time. Legal and lost marketing and production costs could be staggering.

Doing your due diligence of obtaining a trademark search is prudent before launching a brand name and printing thousands of dollars worth of advertisements, product labels or brochures. If the trademark search report reveals no other similar marks, then you can securely begin to invest in building a brand without the fear that you may infringe upon a preceding mark.

Clear & Precise Results
A good trademark search is instrumental in uncovering not only exact conflicts, but also similarly confusing marks. Professional trademark search centers on the relevant marks in relation to its name, industry, and goods/services. It avoids displaying search noise - those unrelated and unnecessary search hits that force you to search for the needle in the hay.

Our qualified search agents will search in-depth for any possible conflicting marks and present them in a concise and focused manner.
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